Two Doctors from Overseas Visit for Observation

**From Left: Dr. Hashikata, Dr. Worapat Maitriwong, Dr. Yuji Okuno, and Dr. Piyush Goyal

Dr. Worapat Maitriwong from Siriraj Hospital in Thailand and Dr. Piyush Goyal from the University of Utah in the United States visited our clinic for observation.

Dr. Maitriwong participated in a workshop conducted by Director-in-Chief Dr. Okuno at Siriraj Hospital last year and also attended Dr. Okuno's lecture at the APSCIVR conference held in Thailand this May.

Dr. Goyal attended Dr. Okuno's lecture at the SIR conference. Additionally, due to his wife's work in Japan, Dr. Goyal inquired about visiting our clinic.

Dr. Goyal visited for two days starting from May 27, while Dr. Maitriwong observed for four days starting from May 27.