How can I schedule an appointment?

Okuno Clinic is an appointment-only clinic. We do not accept walk-in patients. To make an appointment, please use the inquiry form on our website. We will respond to your inquiry via email within 3 working days.
**Please note that we do not accept phone calls as there is no English speaking staff available to assist over the phone.

Can I make appointments online, or do I have to call to book one?

Appointments can only be made online. We are not able to respond to phone calls because we do not have staff available at all times who can communicate in English. Please send your inquiry via our website.

What information do I need for my first appointment?

To prepare for your first appointment, please provide the following information:
-Full name
-Date of birth
-Current residence
-Detailed description of your symptoms (affected area, when did you first notice the symptoms, etc.)
-Medical history
-Duration and place (city) of your stay in Japan
** Based on the information provided, we will guide you to the nearest clinic

Is it possible to cancel or change an appointment? How do I go about it?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please contact us through the inquiry form with your name and the scheduled time. If you wish to reschedule, please provide a few alternative dates and times.

Can you provide information about first visit fees and treatment costs?

Detailed information about treatment fees can be found on the "Treatments & Fees" page of our website. Please check it.

Is treatment covered by health insurance, and if so, which types of insurance are accepted?

Our treatments are not covered by Japanese national health insurance system. If you have private health insurance, please inquire with your insurance company regarding coverage for our treatments. We will provide the necessary information per your request.

What payment methods are available?

-Credit card (Visa/Master/American Express/JCB)

How long does a first-time appointment typically take?

The initial consultation with our doctor typically takes about 20- 30 minutes, but the duration may vary depending on your symptoms. The process from check-in to payment takes approximately 1 hour.

Are there any specific items I should bring for my first visit?

If you have had an MRI, please bring the data, and show it to our doctor.
If you have not had an MRI in the past, there may be instances where we request you to undergo imaging at one of our affiliated medical facilities. Please note that this incurs additional charges.
**Our clinic does not have MRI equipment.

Which doctors at the clinic can speak English?

Dr. Yuji Okuno, Dr. Masahiko Shibuya, and Dr. Koichi Miyazaki can speak English. For more information about our doctors, please visit the "Doctors" page on our website.

Can you provide information about the clinic location and operating hour?

Okuno Clinic has several branch locations. For more details, please refer to the following page.

The operating hours are not fixed, so please inquire for specific information.

What is the emergency contact information?

In case of emergencies, or if you need to cancel on the date of the appointment, please send an email to