Translation Arrangements:

Our clinic offers consultations in Japanese or English. Please note that some physicians may only be available in Japanese. For other languages, we can arrange for an interpreter as needed. Please consult with us during inquiries regarding additional costs.

Informational Materials:

We have prepared informational materials and consent forms for transcatheter arterial embolization treatments (catheter treatment) and Dochu (arterial injection treatment) in Japanese, English and Chinese. Please inquire with our staff if needed.

Private Medical Insurance:

For treatments received at our clinic, if it is possible to make claims with private insurance companies, we will provide the necessary information as required. Please note that our clinic's treatments are not covered under the Japanese health insurance system.

Schedule Arrangements:

When coming from overseas, we make every effort to minimize the number of visits, adjusting the schedule accordingly. Please provide your stay location and duration in Japan when making inquiries.