Treating chronic pain with a minimal number of clinic visits

While many individuals wish to address their pain issues, the prospect of frequent clinic visits can be daunting. The concern of needing numerous visits for improvement may further discourage seeking treatment. Since our clinic's inception, we have prioritized the importance of treating the fundamental causes of pain and achieving satisfactory results with a minimal number of visits.

We have a track record of significantly improving chronic pain with remarkably few clinic visits. In 2021, out of 2,162 new patients, 74.4% experienced improvement after just one treatment session (involving injections, simplified arterial injection, or transcatheter arterial embolization therapy), and 87.1% showed improvement by their second visit.
Here, "improvement" refers to clinically significant relief from pain, meaning a noticeable improvement even if the pain is not completely gone.

The success in achieving pain relief with a minimal number of clinic visits can be attributed to our original goal of treating pain at its root rather than resorting to symptomatic treatment. Unfortunately, treating pain is not feasible online.

We will continue to strive to provide satisfactory treatment with as few clinic visits as possible in the future.

By advance reservation only

Our clinic operates on a strictly appointment-only basis, ensuring that there are not many people present at once. Additionally, to minimize waiting times, we make efforts to begin consultations promptly at the scheduled appointment times.

Making efforts to gather patient information in advance

For the initial consultation, we allocate ample time for a thorough discussion with the doctor. To ensure this, we request patients to complete the medical questionnaire and provide an explanation of their symptoms in advance using their own devices such as smartphones.

If you wish to schedule an initial consultation, please contact us through the inquiry form.