Our basic principle

We are here to create a world where everyone can understand pain properly and respond to it effectively.

We provide medical care to make everyone smile and be more energetic. It is our pleasure to see patients, who actually struggled with their symptoms before treatment, try something new with the feeling of “this is what I wanted to do.”

Our policies

01: Friendliness

It is important for all staff members to be close to patients. We try to make a good environment where all visitors feel comfortable asking questions or talking their situations.

02: Honesty

We try to be open and honest to all visitors.  

We will tell the truth, not just telling good news, and try to be close to each patient who visited us.

03: Prominence

We always make efforts to ensure that our supports and treatments are prominent and at the highest quality level. It is very important for us to provide excellent medical services and to see patients are happy as they have never been treated like this before.