Five physicians from overseas visited for observation

From left: Dr. Prit Anand Singh, Dr. Edward Kim, Dr. Okuno, Dr. Shi Haiyuan, Dr. Liu Jingkai Joe, Dr. Victor Tan Aik Khien

From June 17th to 19th, four doctors from Changi General Hospital in Singapore, Dr. Shi Haiyuan, Dr. Prit Anand Singh, Dr. Victor Tan Aik Khien, and Dr. Liu Jingkai Joel, visited for observation. Having attended many of Dr. Okuno's overseas lectures before, they were delighted to finally have the opportunity to observe his techniques up close and speak with him directly.

Additionally, on June 17th, Dr. Edward Kim from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York also came for observation. Dr. Kim has had a long-standing relationship with Dr. Okuno and took this opportunity to visit the Omotesando clinic during his trip to Japan.

Dr. Kim himself has given numerous lectures, and it was a valuable learning opportunity for our clinic to hear about Mount Sinai Hospital, one of America's leading medical institutions.