Chief Director Yuji Okuno delivered four invited lectures at the European Conference on Embolotherapy 2024 in Vienna

Chief Yuji Okuno was invited to present four lectures at the European Conference on Embolotherapy 2024 (ET2024) held in Vienna, Austria from June 1 to 4, 2024, Director-in-

The sessions and lecture titles were as follows:

Session: ST 111 – MSK

  • Title: Sports injuries

Session: DD 131 – MSK 1

  • Title: Sports embolization

Session: SP 142 – FIRST@ET: First data release on embolization studies

  • Title: The future of MSK embolotherapies: imageable biodegradable microspheres

Session: DD 232 – MSK 2

  • Title: Sports embolization

ET is a conference dedicated to embolotherapy, organized by CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe). The first ET conference in 2019 saw over 800 doctors in attendance, and last year's conference had over 1,200 participants.

This year, radiologists from around the world gathered once again to advance embolization therapy, and many attentively listened to Dr. Okuno's presentations.