Six doctors from Seoul, South Korea, visited our Omotesando clinic for an observation

Dr. Hwanjun Jae, Dr. Saebeom Hur, Dr. Jinwoo Choi, Dr. Jaehwan Lee, Dr. Soobuem Cho, and Dr. Kunyung Kim, from Seoul National University Hospital and EWHA University Medical Center in South Korea, visited our Omotesando clinic for one day observation.

Dr. Hur and Dr. Lee had previously visited in April and expressed great anticipation at the opportunity to once again witness the renowned techniques of Dr. Okuno, who is well-known even in Korea.

Not only did they have inquiries about catheter treatment techniques, but they also showed a keen interest in various aspects of clinic management, such as the operation of systems and patient acquisition strategies. Their overall high level of interest in our clinic was quite impressive.