Dr. Anderson Tomoyuki Kochi from Sao Paulo, Brazil visited for an observation. 

Dr. Anderson Tomoyuki Kochi visited our clinic for 5-day observation.

In Brazil, Dr. Kochi mentioned that there are several medical institutions implementing catheter therapy for knee cases. However, he expressed that more advanced treatments for areas such as shoulder and elbow, which require higher-level techniques, are not yet widely practiced. He was looking forward to observing such treatments during his visit to our clinic.

When our staff inquired about how Dr. Kawauchi learned about Okuno Clinic, he responded, "In Brazil, clinics that perform catheter therapy for musculoskeletal issues, including Dr. Okuno, are very well-known."

The visit to our clinic is scheduled for five days from November 13th to 17th. Dr. Kawauchi also mentioned plans for sightseeing with his family during this period.