Shoulder pain (Male/ 50's)

Symptoms before treatment

“This is just a stiff shoulder, so it will be cured naturally.”

I was told this by a doctor, but nothing gets better…

This patient was a male in the 50’s and he was actually a physician working in a hospital in Tokyo. He also had a diabetic.

About 10 month ago, he felt a pain in his left shoulder without any reason, and the pain gets worsen and worsen, and he felt a difficulty in sleeping at night due to the pain.

The orthopedic surgeon where he had worked suggested him to take rehabilitation. He tried it but he still felt the pain. He also tried poultices and injections into his joints (5 hyaluronic acid and 5 steroids) but nothing was effective. He used a narcotic painkiller called Tramal to fall asleep during that time.

When he took an MRI, there was no cuff tear in his shoulder (see the blue arrow in below image), however, the fore shoulder (medically the place called “rotator cuff”) looked white in the MRI and (see the red arrow area) and found that this is a periarthritis of the shoulder (generally called “stiff shoulder”).

However, there was no change in the treatment and what he could do is just to wait.

After 10 months and nothing improved, his doctor recommended arthroscopic surgery. But he was not able to take a sick leave as himself was a doctor (He was specialized in gastroscopy and did not want to be hospitalized for surgery for a while).

One of his friends told him about the catheterization treatment. and he visited us.

Findings from our doctor

He had our catheterization treatment. 

Our doctor found that he had problem blood vessels in his shoulder (see the below image).

The areas where we especially found the problem blood vessels were the fore shoulder, the upper shoulder, and the upper arm as well. We treated them all and he did not have any side-effect after the treatment. 

The below image was taken during the treatment (the black lines are blood vessels). 

After the treatment

After the treatment, what he was glad at first was no nighttime pain.

2 days after the treatment, he stopped waking up during night due to the pain.

In addition, he could not move his hand to back pocket before the treatment, but he was surprised because right after the catheterization, he could reach to the back pocket.

The pain when moving his shoulder gradually gets better2 weeks after the treatment, and a month later, he hardly felt the pain in his daily life.

The MRI taken during the time shows that the area where there was a puddle of water improved after the treatment (see the red circle in below images, the white area decreased).

This patient was able to return to work without being hospitalized, and even now every time our doctor meets him, he said he was very grateful to our treatment.

Like his case, our catheterization treatment is one of the solutions to those who tried injections, but nothing improved.

If you have a stiff shoulder or pain in shoulder, please contact us.