Shoulder blade pain (60's/ Female)

Symptoms before treatment

Four years ago, I fell down the stairs and hit my right shoulder on the floor.

The pain lasted for a while, but it healed spontaneously. However, two years later, the pain came back, and along with the pain, stiffness appeared in my entire shoulder blade.

The pain became worse and worse, and I began to feel the pain even when I sat still. The pain was aggravated by taking a hot bath or drinking alcohol.

Even though I took a painkiller (Tramucet), the effect was weak. Even worse, the side effects of nausea and vomiting became stronger, so I stopped taking it.

I went to an acupuncture clinic and a physical therapy clinic several times, but to no avail. Thinking that there might be something wrong with me, I had MRI scans three times at different hospitals, but none of them showed any abnormalities. I did not know what to do next, but fortunately I met Okuno Clinic at last.

Findings from our doctor

The presence of problem blood vessels was suspected based on the patient's episodes such as pain from sitting still and increased pain from drinking and taking a bath. In pain around the scapula, it becomes difficult to find abnormalities before treatment with echocardiography due to the deep location of the pain.

Using a catheter, fuzzy blood vessels were found in a blood vessel called the suprascapular artery that feeds the scapula (arrows in the picture below), and the same area was treated.

During the treatment when we were flushing the medication, the patient said, "That's exactly where it is! That's where I usually feel pain!"

It was almost confirmed that the usual pain came from this fuzzy blood vessel.

After the treatment

immediately after the catheterization, there was no change in pain, but after about a month, the pain I felt in my entire shoulder blade gradually lightened. About three months after the treatment, the pain has improved to the extent that I hardly feel any pain in my daily life.

Before coming to our clinic, she had been feeling terribly depressed, thinking that this pain would continue for the rest of her life without any solution, but she told us that her pain got better through the treatment and she could have hope in her life.