Back pain (Male/ 40's)

Symptoms before treatment

I was a golf enthusiast who enjoys playing golf at least once a week, but I became aware of back pain with my golf swing about 10 years ago. I had to stop playing golf due to the pain. 

Since that time, I felt the back pain not only playing golf but also my ordinary life such as long drive or the day after I carried heavy stuff. 

I tried a variety of treatments including orthopedic surgeries, acupuncture, osteopathy, acupressure, pelvic correction, chiropractic, block injections, and laser therapy, but none were effective for my case. No bony deformities were noted to cause my back pain, and surgery was never recommended. 

I could not play golf at all. The poultice and pain killer didn’t work enough, and I visited Okuno Clinic at last.

Findings from our doctor

On our examination, he had pressure pain centered on the intervertebral joints of the left lumbar spine L4-5. There was little lumbar spine deformity and catheterization was expected to improve the pain. 

Catheterization was used to treat the iliolumbar and lumbar arteries which were branched from the left internal iliac artery. We found that his pain area had the problem blood vessels (see the image below). 

When the medication reached the painful area during the treatment, it reproduced the back pain, which we call recurrent pain, appeared. This ensured that the treatment was being certainly administered. 

After the treatment

For the first two weeks after the treatment, there was no particular change and I though it hadn’t worked for me. However, after that, the pain gradually lessened. After about a month, it was almost painless in daily life and I no longer feel any discomfort when I grabbed a golf club and swung. I was told by the doctor not to return to play golf soon, I gradually increased the number of swing and hits the ball. Three months after the treatment, I was able to play my favorite gold game for the first time without any pain. 

Since back pain is a long-standing pain, it usually takes a little longer to get better after treatment like his case. However, as long as there is no severe deformity or compression fracture on the X-ray acknowledged, there is a high possibility of improvement. If you have a problem, please consult with out doctor.