Dr. Poom Purksatanun visited our Omotesando Clinic from Thailand

Dr. Poom Purksatanun, an orthopedic surgeon at Fort Prachaksinlapakopm Hospital in Udon Thani, Thailand, visited our Omotesando Clinic. He had watched an online seminar conducted by Dr. Okuno in Thailand this October. Dr. Purksatanun expressed a keen interest in our arterial injection therapy called “Dochu” or “simplified TAME”, particularly in its potential to offer new treatment options for patients dealing with joint pain, who may be contemplating between medication and surgery.

He mentioned that in Thailand, there is a shortage of doctors specializing in radiology, but there is a considerable number of orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Purksatanun believes that the interest in Dochu may grow among Thai doctors in the future, given the prevalence of orthopedic specialists in the country.